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The Importance of Gender Neutral (Unisex) Restrooms

Many transgender people are unable to safely use restrooms that are not gender neutral or unisex. The consequences of the widespread lack of gender neutral public restrooms include high rates of dehydration, UTIs, and kidney infections for many transgender people. (1)

Providing access to gender neutral restrooms not only alleviates this problem for the transgender people who will use it, but also demonstrates LGBTQ+ awareness and safety to all those who see it.


This page last updated: 2018

An androgynous person faces two restroom doors. One door has a sign with pink "female" stick figure with the text "get yelled at." The other door has a blue "male" stick figure with the text "get beat up.”

Maddy VanOrman  |  The Signpost

Those whose appearance and/or identity do not clearly match traditional male or female categories are often faced with compromised physical and emotional safety when gender neutral restrooms are unavailable. 

This is an example of a gendered restroom that has been turned into a gender neutral restroom by placing a plaque over the original sign. 

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